Ways you can help

CEFZ Zanzibar Steiner School sponsors, donors and fundraisers are amazing, generous people who help provide a better future for many of Zanzibar's children; a unique group of people helping at grassroots level to change this world, one child at a time.

Gift Education Regularly at an Amount You Choose

Your regular donation only needs a one time set up and goes directly to helping us address the multiple issues involved in tackling poverty among our students. Help keep disadvantaged children in school at their healthiest and learning to their full abilities, and help us to grow our school so we may help more children thrive. Education is development. To join us in making this world a better place, one child at a time, in any way you can afford, click here.
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Become a Life Path Changer Through Child Sponsorship

CEFZ Life Path Changers directly impact lives by sponsoring tuition, nutrition, uniforms, learning resources, and medical care. You will receive a introduction to your sponsored child and our newsletter will keep you up to date on your child's class activities and the schools' progress. Occasionally we can send a real time photo of your child through WhatsApp. You can profoundly impact a life for the price of your daily coffee - just USD 140 (AUD 200) a month for all a child needs to receive a successful education. To accompany other unique people who are CEFZ Life Path Changers click below
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CEFZ Life Guide Part Child Sponsorship

CEFZ's Life Guide program is for those who would like to partly sponsor a child's education. Your USD70 (AUD100) a month will provide tuition to help lift a child out of poverty with a quality Steiner Waldorf education, aimed at raising young people who are creative and critical thinkers, able to steward their communities and their environment.
Become a CEFZ Life Guide

Gift Meals for a child only USD40/AUD57 per month

CEFZ Nourishers provide a student with full nutrition, supporting child health and growth. Food insecurity has been researched to reduce IQ by 10%. Since beginning our nutrition program our students are healthier, focused and their daily attendance is at over 90%. CEFZ Nourishers provide oat porridge on arrival at school, a heavy mid-morning snack, a hot lunch, two glasses of milk a day, and two snacks of fruit and a hard boiled egg, which is basically a child's total calorie intake requirements in a school day.
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Learning Resources for a Child USD30/AUD44 per Month

An arts based education is key to fostering creativity, expression and critical thinking. Einstein himself stated that "creativity is intelligence". By sponsoring a child's learning resources you not only gift art and craft materials, but text and writing books, pencils and pens, and excursions to help our students get out from school and learn though experience - the best way to remember and engage in learning.
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Make a One Time Donation of Any Amount

Whatever you choose to give it all adds up and will go where it is needed most - to nourishing bodies, souls and minds of disadvantaged children who could never before in their wildest dreams have an education like they receive at CEFZ Zanzibar Steiner School. Be the change and make this world a better place and gift any amount you feel comfortable with.
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We aim to improve educational opportunities for underprivileged Zanzibari children by providing quality education without regard to race, ethnicity, or religious belief. We promote a diverse and competitive educational environment.


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