The Creative Education Foundation Zanzibar (CEFZ) governs Zanzibar Steiner School. Read more.
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We could never have come this far without the generosity of friends who have handed us a few padded envelopes since we began in 2012. Recently some generous souls have also begun sponsoring some of our orphan students. We will be forever indebted tor this support.

Ways you can help

Zanzibar Steiner School sponsors, donors and fundraisers are amazing, generous people who help provide a better future for many of Zanzibar's children now and into their future.


Your donation, however small, helps us address a myriad of issues to keep children in school at their healthiest and best. To make a donation click here.

Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child at CEFZ costs around $5 per day. Sponsorships cover meals at school, tuition, uniforms, books, all resource materials, medical and dental care. When you sponsor a child you will be kept informed about their progress at school, their achievements and their life ambitions. To sponsor a child
Sponsor a child


CEFZ's fundraisers come from all over the world, but they are united by one goal: helping children in Zanzibar to reach a better future.

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We aim to improve educational opportunities for underprivileged Zanzibari children by providing quality education without regard to race, ethnicity, or religious belief. We promote a diverse and competitive educational environment.


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