Challenges for Zanzibar Steiner School

The value of providing a quality education at Zanzibar Steiner School is a relatively small investment of only US$140 per month per child - a fraction compared to the same standard in developed countries. This investment includes full tuition, all text books and learning resources, full meals at school, and medical and dental care. A small percentage of our students are supported by sponsorships by generous donors from around the world. You can join our Life Path Changers and sponsor a student, enabling every chance of success for a child who previously had little chance to succeed in life.


The average income in Zanzibar is about US$1 per day, and with large numbers of children per family, many live in poverty. Most of our students are from these extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. When families are struggling with food insecurity education becomes a low priority. By providing free education, full nutrition, and medical care for students, CEFZ keep kids in school, healthy, and learning so they may reach their full life potential.

Quality of Education

In Zanzibar, disadvantaged students enter Grade One with little or no basic literacy and numeracy skills. In over-crowded, under-resourced government schools, opportunities for them to receive the individual attention they need to catch up are limited. This situation leads to high drop out rates or ineffective education. The future for these children is bleak with a lifetime of dependence, unemployment or low skilled labour. CEFZ take the poorest children out of these situations, place them in small classes, and provide free quality education to change life paths,


Food security is a real issue for many of our student families, with some of our students clinically diagnosed with stunted growth due to malnutrition. Many eat only white bread and tea for their evening meal at best, most do not eat breakfast, and many go hungry. If infants and young children do not receive adequate nutrition, they will never reach their full potential of intelligence. CEFZ provide a full nutrition program including breakfast, full lunch and snacks to keep our students healthy and in school learning.

Family Struggles

In Zanzibar, women in low income brackets often have very little or even no education. When a husband passes, it can be extra tragic for such families. Many of our student's mothers or aunties struggle to prioritise their children’s need to be in school every day, to be fed, and loved to thrive. CEFZ's team not only educate our students, but also provide loving boundaries their families can sometimes not manage to, so children may grow into both educated and responsible young adults, capable of supporting themselves, their families and communities.


CEFZ give school placement priority to double orphans and children without fathers (also considered orphans in Zanzibar) who live in poverty, and then to any child living in poverty. For uneducated women in Zanzibar, the loss of a husband is doubly devastating for the family, often resulting in an increased risk of food insecurity. Such stress makes education of the children secondary to mere existence. CEFZ nourish all children while at school and provide full medical and dental care, relieving this burden for families. The natural environment of the school is grounding and healing for all of our students, and they welcome calm, predictable, loving and stable days at school.

Over Crowding

With an over-burdened government education system, classes can reach up to 120 students, with limited access to learning resources. Quality teaching and individual attention turn into survival under such stressful teaching conditions. CEFZ take the most disadvantaged students out of government schools, and place them in classes of only 16, decreasing student:teacher ratio dramatically (a key indicator for success at school), and also provide free access to all learning and art resources, including excursions; maximising learning opportunities and experiences.

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We aim to improve educational opportunities for underprivileged Zanzibari children by providing quality education without regard to race, ethnicity, or religious belief. We promote a diverse and competitive educational environment.


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