We can end the cycle together, one child at a time.

Creative Education

Our Steiner Waldorf curriculum prepares children for a life that values family, community, nature, and the arts. We foster holistic education for creativity, critical thinking and independence. Our youth need to be educated, well-rounded young adults who will be future leaders, positive role models, and stewards for their community.

Nurturing Environment

A quality education is a basic human right. CEFZ provide a nurturing environment for all children with a standard of education we are all entitled to. At CEFZ every child has the chance to flourish as they are guided in small groups by their local teacher, who is also being guided by their own mentor in the workplace. We are committed to nurturing the head, hands and heart of each child at every stage of their development.

Nutrition Program

In response to children arriving at school hungry and unfocused, and some sick students being diagnosed with malnutrition, CEFZ implemented a rigorous nutrition program, nourishing growing bodies, minds and hearts. Students receive oat milk porridge with dates on arrival at school, a heavy mid-morning snack like pancakes, or peanut butter sandwiches, a hot lunch and milk and snack before returning to class, and a home time snack of an egg and a piece of fruit on departing school. Attendance now runs at over 90% due to improved health, and buy in from both families and students.

Developing Local Teachers

Due their backgrounds, our students need an exceptional education to achieve success in this world. Exceptional people reflect their past interactions with exceptional adults and teachers in their lives. CEFZ are committed to teacher training and development with our teachers attending the East African Rudolf Steiner Teacher Training Course part-time over 3 years, and receiving daily mentoring within the workplace - possibly the best teacher training program in Zanzibar. These development opportunities give our team the commitment and skills needed to go above and beyond to teach, parent and guide our students in their formative years.

Experiential Learning

We are all the sum of our experiences. Our students need new experiences because experience is education, and just as their education has been lacking until they joined us, so has their experience. Whenever we can, we have our students out and about learning - that may be out of the classroom, out of the school, or once they complete Grade 6, over to Mainland Tanzania, where they can walk through valleys, over mountains, feel the spray of a waterfall, and stand in awe beneath a tall building in a big city for the first time in their lives. Profound experiences and life long memories for kids who could never go further from home than they could walk.

Zanzibar Steiner School

The sad truth in Zanzibar, is that only a minority of students will pass at school, and the majority will fail. Zanzibar Steiner School can change this for some children and give them a real chance of succeeding in Life.

Our Model - A Unique Approach

Zanzibar Steiner School provide a foundation for lifelong learning, enabling students to have a pathway out of poverty and preparing them for life.
Community Outreach
We don't just stop with our students. We work with their families to address issues such as infant health and the importance of breastfeeding, family nutrition, access to birth control and pregnancy health checks. We also educate mothers to help them give their children a head start in life.
Student Medical Treatment
Keeping children in school is not just about a nutrition program and great teachers: it's also about children being healthy enough to attend classes. We provide medical and dental treatment and cover ongoing costs for sick children to get them healthy again and back into school as quickly as possible.
Leveraging Volunteers
We leverage qualified volunteers from overseas as learning guides for our local teachers. Utilising volunteers and employing locals means This keeps our overheads are lower, ensuring all available resources go to where they are most needed.

As we grow, we continue to need your help.

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We aim to improve educational opportunities for underprivileged Zanzibari children by providing quality education without regard to race, ethnicity, or religious belief. We promote a diverse and competitive educational environment.


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