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Story of CEFZ

We are an organisation of change.

Creative Education Foundation Zanzibar (CEFZ) is a charitable NGO which was established in 2011 in Zanzibar, Tanzania in response to the lack of access to quality education for Zanzibar's orphaned and underprivileged children.

No Poverty

We support the school community to reach zero poverty. To be educated and employable. To have the resources to overcome poverty. to support the mindset of a child from “I can’t” to “How can I do this?”. Quality education liberates both children from poverty and their families.

Zero Hunger

Most of our students suffer from food insecurity, especially in a community with widowed mothers. Providing all students with their nutritional requirements at school ensures healthy children, in school studying to the best of their abilities, and relieves some of the burdens of feeding multiple children in the home.

Good Health

Families in poverty hold off on medical care because of a lack of resources – to pay the doctor or buy medicine. CEFZ’s connection with our community helps prevent this situation. We treat all student medical conditions, thereby relieving the burden from their families, to ensure the physical and mental health of our students.

Quality Education

With classes limited to 20 students, all resources, excursions, tuition from highly trained teachers, a curriculum including beekeeping, bio-dynamic farming and loving support from teachers are provided free. Guiding values and behaviour, giving each child the education they need to create a new life path that supports their community.

Genger Equality

Educate a girl and she will raise an educated family. Some of our girls were not enrolled in school until we found them playing on the beach at 8 and 9 years. Our enrollment levels are 70% girls and 30% boys, ensuring the girls of our community have an equal chance to succeed in life.

Providing free education and medical care to the poorest children gives them the chance to transcend barriers and grow to be contributing members of their communities, supporting others to succeed in their turn.


Be a change maker,
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At CEFZ Zanzibar Steiner School, we provide free education, full nutrition, and full medical care to some of Zanzibar's neediest children. Our multi-pronged approach to overcoming poverty by offering effective education is aimed at resulting in employable, community-conscious young adults.

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We improve educational opportunities for underprivileged children in Zanzibar by providing quality education without regard to race, ethnicity, or religious belief. We promote a diverse and competitive educational environment.

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