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Welcome to Creative Education Foundation Zanzibar (CEFZ), a non-profit educational institution dedicated to providing quality education to children in Zanzibar. Our mission is to empower the youth of our community with knowledge, skills, and opportunities that can transform their lives and break the cycle of poverty. To make this vision a reality, we rely on the support of compassionate individuals like you who are willing to volunteer their time, skills, and passion for the betterment of our students.

Why Volunteer with Us?

1. Make a Real Difference: By volunteering at CEFZ, you'll directly impact the lives of children who may not have access to quality education otherwise. Your contributions will shape their future and give them a chance for a brighter tomorrow.

2. Experience Cultural Exchange: Immerse yourself in the rich culture of [Country Name] while working closely with our local staff and students. Gain a unique perspective on life in a third-world country and forge meaningful connections.

3. Utilize Your Skills: Whether you're a teacher, administrator, artist, or simply passionate about education, there's a role for you at CEFZ School. We welcome a diverse range of skills and expertise to enrich our educational programs.

4. Personal Growth: Volunteering at our school can be a life-changing experience. It's an opportunity for personal growth, broadening your horizons, and developing resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving skills.

How You Can Help

We offer a variety of volunteering opportunities, each designed to suit your skills, availability, and interests:

1. Teaching: If you are a qulaified Steiner Waldorf Teacher, an English Language Teacher, a fluent in Qu'ran, we would love to hear from you. Otherwise, you may be able to share your knowledge as a Teacher's Assistant, helping students with subjects like mathematics, science, language, art and craft, sports and more. 

2. Administrative Support: Assist our administrative team with tasks such as record-keeping, event planning, or marketing to ensure the smooth functioning of the school.

3. Art and Creativity: If you're artistically inclined, you can help students explore their creative talents through art, music, dance, fiilm making or other artistic activities.

4. Sports and Physical Education: Promote physical fitness and teamwork by engaging in sports and physical education programs.

5. Fundraising and Outreach: Help us secure essential funds and resources by participating in fundraising events, grant writing, or spreading the word about our cause.

6. Photography and Film Making: We are always in need of images and short films to riase awareness and provide feedback to our community. If you would like to help us with this, please reach out.

Volunteer Requirements

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life and backgrounds, but there are a few requirements to ensure a safe and productive experience:

- A genuine commitment to our mission and the betterment of our students.
- Respect for the local culture, customs, and traditions.
- Flexibility, adaptability, and patience, as you'll be working in a challenging environment.
- A background check and any required vaccinations or health screenings.

Finally, we use our funds to support our student's learning journey, so need you to cover all of your own expenses.

Join Our Cause

If you're ready to make a positive impact on the lives of children and be part of our mission to improve education in Zanzibar, we invite you to become a part of the CEFZ School family. Together, we can change lives, one child at a time.

To enquire about volunteering opportunities, please send your CV with a Motivational Cover Letter to cefzanzibar@gmail.com. We can't wait to welcome you to our team and witness the transformation that your dedication and support will bring to our school and community. Thank you for considering volunteering with us and being a part of children's journey towards a brighter future.


We improve educational opportunities for underprivileged children in Zanzibar by providing quality education without regard to race, ethnicity, or religious belief. We promote a diverse and competitive educational environment.

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